Lipiflow for Dry Eye

At Petelin Vision, we can now treat dry eye disease with the revolutionary-yet-gentle Lipiflow Thermal Pulsation System.

Most cases of dry eye are due to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), a common condition where the oil-producing ducts of the eyelids become clogged. As a result, tears don’t lubricate the eyes as well as they should. They evaporate more quickly and symptoms of dry eye, like irritation, burning, and a gritty feeling, can result.

How does Lipiflow Work?

Lipiflow treats MGD by gently heating and massaging the eye lids, helping them to unclog and function properly. This creates tears that more effectively lubricate the eye. For most people, one Lipiflow treatment is enough to provide relief of dry eye symptoms for a year or more, although results may vary depending on the severity of your MGD. The doctors at Petelin Vision will talk to you about your individual situation and what Lipiflow can do for you.

What to expect with Lipiflow

Lipiflow is a gentle, comfortable experience for most patients. You’ll recline in a chair and close your eyes. The Lipiflow activators will be placed on top of your eyelids. When the treatment begins, you’ll feel warmth and a slight pulsing lasting approximately 12 minutes. Lipiflow is safe and effective with a very low risk of side effects. Most of our patients say it is like having an eye massage!

When will I notice results from Lipiflow?

The timing of results from Lipiflow varies by patient. Some people notice a difference in their dry eye right away, while it can take up to two weeks or more for others. No matter how long it takes for full results from Lipiflow to appear. Many patients see improved symptoms for several months.

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