Vision Correction

So you want to get rid of your glasses or contacts?

Well, there’s no app for that yet, but today’s refractive surgery technologies are so safe, quick and effective that you can have great vision before you know it.

Imagine the freedom that comes with a life without glasses or contacts. That’s our vision for you. We at Center For Sight can help you rid yourself of glasses and contact lenses, so let’s get started . . .


Your consultation includes a series of advanced, comprehensive, (non-invasive) tests that give Dr. Petelin the information they need to make a sound assessment of your vision correction options. Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for refractive surgery, but on your first visit with us, you’ll know whether or not you are.

Wondering what we’ll do to you on that first visit? Here’s a snapshot:

Center For Sight has a number of state-of-the-art diagnostics that we use to assess each of our patients. Because even very small differences in eye structure and eye health can impact vision correction surgery, we use a number of machines to give us a spectrum of information about your eyes. These devices include:

Autorefractor- the standard eye exam machine that determines your vision prescription by bouncing infrared light off of your retina. We need to know what’s going on currently with your vision.

Lensmeter- this machine, also called a lensometer, provides fast, accurate and reliable measurements of your current eyeglass lenses. We’ve got to know about them, too.

Phoropter- yes, it sounds like a cyborg, but this machine is actually the one with the most humanity. Based on your verbal feedback as we switch out lenses, we can determine the prescription that you feel gives you the best vision, not just the one a computer prefers.

Anterior Chamber OCT – nobody is built exactly the same, we all know that. It goes for eyes, too. This complex piece of equipment is used to measure the exact size lens we need to Perfectly. Fit. Your. Eye. Are we perfectionists? Yes.

Let’s move on to your treatment plan

Another great feature of our technology is that the results are available right away. After the diagnostics are completed, our experienced ophthalmologists will go over your scans thoroughly, answering any questions you may have. At this point they will know, and you will, too, if vision correction surgery is right for you, as well our plan for your best visual outcome.

If you are a candidate for refractive surgery and would like to move forward, we can schedule your surgery right then and there. You’ll go home with all of the details you need to prepare for pre- and post-surgery and a date for better vision.

Ready, to see a world of difference?
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