Dr. Petelin is also a skilled and experienced cataract and lens implant surgeon having performed more than 3000 procedures since 1999. He was one of the first in the region to implant the ReStor multifocal and is one of the few local area surgeons with extensive experience with all four specialty lens implants currently in the US market: Alcon ReStor, AMO Rezoom, Eyonics Crystalens, and the Alcon Acrysof Toric.

Due to the explosion in the lens implant technology mentioned above,it has never been an more exciting time for patients in need of cataract surgery or elective lens replacement. Unlike just a few short years ago, patients now have the opportunity if they elect, to significantly decrease their dependence on glasses or contacts following cataract or lens implant surgery. It is also more important than ever that your surgeon not only be skilled in cataract surgery, but also that he or she be equally skilled in refractive surgery such as LASIK or PRK.

In simple terms, your surgeon needs to be comfortable and skilled with a wide array of techniques. Too many patients have these lenses implanted by surgeons unwilling or incapable of achieving for you all that is possible. Do not make that mistake.

Additionally, elective lens replacement is fast becoming the procedure of choice for patients in the age range of early cataract, or those whose glasses prescription is not in the “comfort zone” of the modern day lasers used in LASIK or PRK. This due to the simple fact that lens replacement surgery is a well established surgery that in these patients not only accomplishes the goal of spectacle independence, bur removes any future possibility of cataract.